"Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like"

David Alan Harvey
Contre-jour photo of bride and groom caught in a mirror reflexion with interesting lights from the dirty window
this time with your loved ones is so important

Why hire a professional wedding photographer?

Professional photography is an essential part of any wedding as it involves capturing everything that goes on during the wedding day. While items such as flowers, decor, and attire wilt or are put in storage after the wedding day, your wedding photographs are items that exist long after the celebration to remind you of every single detail of the day.

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I also do maternity photography, newborn and family sessions

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While the mother is hugging her lovely child, she starts to smile in her sleep. This is a very beautiful connection

this time with your children and family is so important

Maternity sessions are beautiful, natural, and were created to make this special time in your life memorable. You will be able to look back and remember what your baby bump looked like, and how beautiful that “glow” really was. Your children will grow up and look back on these images with joy and love.