In your wedding day, you share love not only with each other, but also with your beautiful friends and family. These are the moments I am continuously searching for. The raw, crazy, authentic, unposed moments of pure love. The in-between moments when no one is looking like the excitement of your best friend, the tears of your parents and the hilarious laughs after a good joke. These are the real moments !

The moments you revive over and over again as you look on your photos, thinking:

‘’God we had so much fun !’’

The bride and groom are kissing near a beautiful red old Mercedes in the garden of Sf.Mina church in Constanta, Romania

It's ALL about the people

My 'style' is really just fun, informal, documentary, genuine and candid. While I'll shoot a few formal group photographs if requested, couples who book me tend to be looking for a contemporary style and a photographer who works in the margins, lets the day flow and seeks to capture creative images of people being themselves.

Genuine, uninhibited emotions fuel my passion for photography and it's such frozen moments in time that will continually evoke the wave of feelings that you felt on your wedding day for the rest of your lives.

The bride with her bridesmaids enjoying a glass of champagne on the balcony of Hotel Stavros Mamaia near the Black Sea

While I will always capture the key 'details' of the day,

 my priority always remains 'the people'

I particularly love to capture relaxed wedding days where the focus really is on fun, where the couple want to spend the absolute maximum amount of time possible living the day 'in the moment' and where the wedding day is never in danger of being remembered as one long photo-shoot.

It really is all about you, your day and your loved ones.

Bride and groom arriving at Le Club Mileva Mamaia for the party. The guests are welcoming them with a glass of champagne